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What is a Dental Franchise?

Our franchising model is committed to lessening the dentist’s management duties so they may concentrate on providing care.
By utilizing group buying power and rebate programs, our tried-and-true business strategy has demonstrated its capacity to attract more patients, boost productivity, and raise profitability.

No longer must one struggle to work alone as a dentist.
You won’t be restricted to one-off practices anymore. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, when you operate your own dental franchise.  You maintain full ownership, practice dentistry as you see fit, but with the backing, synergies, and infrastructure of corporate dentistry.

Our services are intended to help make running your practice easier. We have built a long and loyal client base and strive to provide excellence.

Our Dental Franchise provides a training program that is both comprehensive and hands-on. This is done to guarantee that franchisees have the knowledge, skills, and competence necessary to run their own Dental Franchise successfully.

In addition to several hours of continuing support at your newly formed location, the training that we provide consists of a number of hours of hands-on instruction that take place at one of our locations that has previously been established.


Dental Franchise Opportunities

training & Support

We continuously strive to provide training programs that keep our owner operators competitive.
A big part of getting there overall is teaching dentists and owner operators how to perform dental work effectively.

Leading technology

To ensure that you and the other franchises that make up the ever-expanding family of franchises may readily access the newest breakthrough in dental technology, the corporate staff never ceases investigating new opportunities.

digital marketing

With a focus on our new patient offer of an exam and affordable x-rays, Dental Franchise’s active marketing increases office visits.

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